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The Gold Award Winner - BID Convention Paris 2012


The State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka has been awarded with the international star for leadership in quality under the golden category for the year 2011. The corporation was recognized for outstanding work in the construction industry in 2011.
Business Initiatives Directives, or BID, is a prestigious private body dedicated to sharing quality culture in leading companies worldwide. Every year, BID presents 100 quality certificates to government agencies and other organisations throughout the world. The selections are made by a special panel appointed by BID, which has its headquarters in Spain.
The Conventions at London, New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid and Geneva belong to the annual program of B.I.D. Awards, Business Initiative Directions, created to recognize the prestige of leading companies, organizations and entrepreneurs.
BID’s 16th International Star for Leadership in Quality awards ceremony was held in Paris on June 24 and 25.
Chairman together with senior management received the prestigious award on behalf of the Corporation in  Paris.
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