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Deshabandu Vidyajyothi Dr. A.N.S. Kulasinghe was born on October 26, 1919,  to a middle-class family in rural Sri Lanka . He  was not merely an Engineer par excellence. He was also a Scientist, Technologist, Teacher and Mentor to many a Sri Lankan.  

The secret of his success had predominantly been his positive attitude and ‘Can Do’ approach, blended with excellent communicating skills and  clear and logical thinking.  A true sense of patriotism, love  and compassion towards his fellow men, pragmatism and uncompromising moral standards  among others, were his other traits. 

He had lost his mother at the tender age of four years.  Having had his secondary education at Maristella College  Negombo and at St. Benedicts College Colombo, had entered the Ceylon Technical College to pursue  a B.Sc. Engineering ( London ) course. 

His unparalleled  engineering career  and service to the nation  which spanned over 65 years, began in 1940, when he joined the Ceylon Hydro-Electric Scheme, Norton Bridge ,  as a Technical Assistant to the Chief Resident Engineer. Thereafter,  he has donned many hats and held many multi-faceted and prestigious positions such as the Founder Chairman and General Manager of the State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka (1962-1971), Chairman of the National Science Council (1968), General Research and Committee of Sri Lanka (1969), National Engineering Research and Development Centre (1978), Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau (1978), and Bureau of Standards (1978). 

He has been the Commissioner of the Colombo Port Commission (1968) and the Inventors Commission of Sri Lanka (1981). He has also been  a  Director of  the State Hardware Corporation (1962), Ceylon Steel Corporation (1962), Lanka Leyland Ltd.(1962), Colombo Low Lying Areas Reclamation Board (1962) and Ceylon Tyre Corporation (1962). 

Among his priceless contributions to his Motherland  in the sphere of Engineering, has been his active engagement and service in the Wimalasurendra Power Station, the Accelerated Mahaweli Project as the Chairman of the CECB, the Planetarium, the Kalutara Chaithyaya, the Port Chaithyaya, the Kotmale Seya, the SEC Head Office, the Labour Secretariat, the Cement Corporation, the Steel Corporation and in many other complexes  of recognition. The innovative and creative skills of this great son of Mother Lanka is amply demonstrated therein. 

He was aptly called the ‘Father of Sri Lankan Engineering’ for his yeoman services in enriching the field of engineering with an array of inventions and innovations that revolutionized the construction industry by the introduction of a variety of cost cutting measures therein.

His numerous innovations in the field of pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete, was in it self commendable and unique. 

During his long career, the late Dr. Kulasinghe  prioritized Research and  Development (R and D), which paved the way for him to utilize concrete in a creative and innovative manner, and take the construction industry into a new era. 

Albeit better known as a Civil Engineer by profession, Dr. Kulasinghe,  also engaged himself in other diverse spheres of engineering, encompassing Design and Development of Environment-Friendly Technology, such as Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Mini and Micro Hydro[power systems as well.  

Dr. Kulasinghe had been conferred with national  honours on two occasions. The University of Peradeniya had also conferred an Honorary Doctor of Science (DSc) degree on him recently. 

He had passed away at the ripe age of 86 years, on February 14, 2005, leaving behind a mega vacuum, and a legacy of  engineering know-how to Sri Lanka and the world at large.



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