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Our Vision, Mission, Policy and Goals



  To be the Leading Engineering Enterprise




To be a provider of innovative and integrated engineering solutions through excellent consultancy, construction, manufacturing and project management services supported by research and development in delighting the client, with the participation of a competent and motivated workforce within a prosperous enterprise and thereby contribute to the National Development.


Being the pioneer in the construction industry, State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka is committed to:


  • Maintaining sustainability and thus preserving our leadership position,
  • Satisfying customers to the fullest by offering high quality and competitive solutions,
  • Carrying out all our activities whilst avoiding or minimizing land, air and water pollution,
  • Eliminating or mitigating any adverse environmental impacts arising from our activities,
  • Assuring occupational health & safety of own employees and that of external providers by prevention of injury and ill health,
  • Empowering employees through knowledge sharing and effective communication,
  • Maintaining value added partnerships with external providers,
  • Committing to comply with the applicable legal and other requirements,
  • Continuously improving our management practices.


Achieve highest level of Technical Standards and professionalism
To be a commercially focussed, financially viable and self-sustainable government enterprise
Diversify the Business activities of the corporation
To develop, promote use of domestic technology and local materials
To be the lead partner in the National Development Programs
Improve the management and Human Resources of the corporation